I am an executive producer of feature films and other projects (possibly a soon-to-be film3 one, too).

I believe in cinema and think great independent films go beyond technique. A great one results from a cultivated connection between the artists and their work, under a controlled budget. Everyone has a story to tell, and my goal is to champion the filmmakers I work with throughout their journey.

I also think every human has their own superpowers, mine are— networking, vision-sharing, team building, and executing from concept to completion. What do you think yours are? Reach out and share! The best way is to follow me on Twitter, then send a DM. Or you can subscribe to my weekly email on Substack.

Lately, I’ve been inspired by Miguel Faus’ CALLADITA, the first European feature film financed by NFTs and the Nouns DAO.


MY DIVORCE PARTY 🎬 - Future divorcee, Xan gathers her closest friends in Joshua Tree to celebrate (or more appropriately sulk in) her impending split. Chaos ensues when she reveals she brought her divorce settlement money to the party with the intention of blowing or burning it all by the weekend’s end. Currently, in post and I was a minority investor.

THIS LAND 🎬 [2022] - The lives of an array of Americans - a Native American grappling with his past, a same-sex couple on opposite sides of the aisle, a Trump supporter fighting to bring his deported wife back home, and more - are chronicled in this film shot on Election Day in nearly every state. Currently on Film Festival Circuit. I was a minority investor.

THE BETA TEST 🎬 [2021] - A married Hollywood agent receives a mysterious letter for an anonymous sexual encounter and becomes ensnared in a sinister world of lying, infidelity, and digital data. Currently released by IFC Distribution. I was a minority investor.

THE BOUNCEBACK 📰 [2021] by Punchbowl News. The world won’t be the same after COVID-19 - and that’s a goof thing. After more than a year of being in our homes, we have changed, as have the cities and towns in which we live, and the place we work and play. An interactive news-editorial interview with five governors/mayors who are leading the way, sponsored by Google.

NEW YORK STATE BAR 🖊 - Admitted to practice law in the State of New York since 2015.

ROGER WILLIAMS UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF LAW 🎓 - Juris Doctorate, conferred May 2013.

PROVIDENCE COLLEGE 🎓 - Bachelor of Arts in History of Art, conferred May 2008.


THE MEET CUTE MURDERS 🎬 - When renowned author Anna Joyce retreats to an off-season resort to break through her writer’s block, a grisly murder that seems to be a message directed at her leaves Anna wondering if she's being set up or if she’s the object of affection for a fan desperate to inspire her next book. THE MEET CUTE MURDERS is an American film directed by Daniel Lafrentz. Currently, in development and I am the Executive Producer.

THE SAVAGE STATE 🎬 - In 1850’s New England, an innocent boy searches for a fallen star while his world is slowly corrupted by a mysterious evil. THE SAVAGE STATE is an American film directed by Chris Heck. Currently, in development and I am the Executive Producer.

MICHAEL P, REKOLA is the founder & managing producer of Rekola Studios, a multi-family studio, that champions American independent cinema from concept to completion. He is an investor and producer of feature films as well as a consulting producer for various endeavors ranging from global brands, non-profits, national startups, and more. “A rising tide lifts all ships,” is a common phrase you’ll hear Michael repeating. He splits his time between Washington, DC, and his 5th generation family farm in Connecticut, with his wife Kaitlin, their daughter Emmi, son Wyatt, and undomesticated yet devoted canine of twelve years— Monty. Michael supports Premier League side, Manchester United.